The Festival

The Festival

6- 9 October 2022

Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, Al Bader Festival is launched from 6-9 October 2022 at the Fujairah Creative Center (the Ministry of Culture and Youth Centre in Fujairah) in celebration of the memory of the Prophet’s birth (Mawlid). Through its various activities, the festival focuses on the honorable biography of the Prophet and the concepts and values ​​related to it. It revives the cultural heritage of our society in religious celebrations preserved by memory and transmitted through generations. It also highlights Arab and Islamic arts through the accompanying exhibition and various workshops. The festival’s main objective is to consolidate the values ​​of Islam and recall the great prophetic biography, which contributes to the establishment of conscious generations that study the biography of the prophet and his values in order to make this world better and more peaceful.


For four days, Al Bader Festival will present 8 workshops in Arab and Islamic arts such as Arabic calligraphy, Islamic ornamentation, painting and printing. The workshops are  presented by a group of the best artists and specialists in these fields.


Art Exhibition

The exhibition highlights the winning and qualified artworks in Al Bader Award in the categories: poetry, painting, Arabic calligraphy and multimedia. The artworks focus on the biography of the Prophet PBUH and the lessons and values learned from it. The aim is to strengthen the message of the "Al Bader" initiative in spreading the values of tolerance and peace and introducing the biography of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH around the world.

Art Exhibition


The Emirate of Fujairah annually celebrates the Prophet’s birth under the directives and attendance of H.H. the Crown Prince of Fujairah. The celebration always receives a large turnout from religious and community figures, and from the local community from all nationalities. This celebration also contributed to the revival of the art of the Emirati Maalad in Fujairah and the establishment of the Fujairah Maalad Group.

Organized at the Ministry of Culture and Youth Centre in Fujairah. The performance was done by Fujairah Maalad Group in cooperation with Dubai Traditional Group